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Disability-Inclusive Supplier Policy


This policy outlines our commitment to ensuring that AquaCyan Consultants Ltd. is inclusive of businesses owned and operated by individuals with disabilities. We believe that diversity drives innovation and excellence, and we are committed to fostering an inclusive environment that supports the success of all our partners. By adopting and implementing this disability-inclusive supplier policy, AquaCyan Consultants will not only promote diversity and inclusion but also drive innovation and excellence within our projects and operations


This policy applies to all procurement activities and supplier engagements within our consultancy, focusing on environmental services, engineering, research and technology, and education and training services.

Policy Statement:

We are committed to promoting disability inclusion within AquaCyan Consultants Ltd and our supply chain by actively seeking out and supporting suppliers owned, operated, or employed by individuals with disabilities. We aim to create opportunities for people and collaborate with these businesses to thrive and integrate diverse perspectives into our projects and operations.



1. Increase Supplier Diversity:

  • Actively identify and engage suppliers owned by individuals with disabilities.

  • Promote equal opportunity for suppliers with disabilities in all procurement activities.

2. Support Inclusive Practices:

  • Encourage suppliers to adopt disability-inclusive practices within their operations.

  • Provide resources and support to help suppliers enhance their disability inclusion efforts.

3. Foster Innovation and Excellence:

  • Leverage the diverse perspectives of disability-inclusive suppliers to drive innovation in our projects.

  • Ensure high-quality outcomes by collaborating with a diverse range of suppliers.


Implementation Strategies:

1.Supplier Identification and Engagement:

  • Partner with organizations and networks that support businesses owned by individuals with disabilities.

  • Utilize databases and resources to identify potential suppliers within our industry sectors.

 2. Inclusive Procurement Processes:

  • Ensure that all procurement processes are accessible and accommodate the needs of suppliers with disabilities.

  • Provide clear and transparent information about procurement opportunities and requirements.

3.Capacity Building and Support:

  • Offer training and development programs to help disability-inclusive suppliers enhance their capabilities.

  • Provide mentorship and guidance to support the growth and success of these suppliers.

4. Monitoring and Reporting:

  • Regularly track and report on the engagement and performance of disability-inclusive suppliers.

  • Set targets for increasing the participation of suppliers with disabilities in our supply chain.


Procurement Team:

  • Implement this policy in all procurement activities.

  • Engage with disability-inclusive suppliers and ensure they are considered for relevant opportunities.


  • Support and promote the objectives of this policy within the organization.

  • Allocate resources to facilitate the engagement and development of disability-inclusive suppliers.

All Employees:

  • Uphold the principles of this policy in their interactions with suppliers and during procurement processes.

  • Advocate for and support disability inclusion within the supply chain.

Review and Continuous Improvement:

This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure its effectiveness and relevance. We will seek feedback from disability-inclusive suppliers and other stakeholders to improve our approach to supplier diversity and inclusion continuously.

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