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Let's save South Bristol's green belt!

Bristol ranks among the UK's top Smart Cities - Bristol is Open -. Undoubtedly, wireless technology is connecting us and is helping each other. It is helping to recognize the most vulnerable people in our communities and saving lives from drowning at Bristol's Harbour. This is the claim for a city where industries and companies can choose a wide range of wireless communication from 3G, 4G, 5G and more.

I wonder how in the era of high-tech communication we have become so disconnected with the tangible life. We have become disengaged from life, living in our own insular awareness. So many online friends but feeling alone nonetheless yet I enjoy writing social media perhaps in an attempt to reach out to those I have once met and shared life experiences.

My purpose today is to create awareness of a tangible and traditional way of living, local farming. Specifically, the last working farm in Bristol that also serves our community among the wireless technology. Please do not get mistaken that traditional ways are to be ditched because they are obsolete in this high-tech modern era. In fact, tradition has given us the initial tools of discovery and what is actually worth knowing. We need both, we cannot tip the balance.

What are we going to have left to live with? A super-speedy high-tech connection for breakfast? lunch? to breath? The last working farm in Bristol ought to stay.

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